If we write the phone number on the back, won't it wash off?

No! I can only speak from experience, but the way we did it while we were testing is to:

1) Carefully write the phone number with a colored sharpie (we used black) with slow movements to allow for the ink to saturate the shirt.

2) Wait about 10 minutes, then trace over the number with the Sharpie a second time.

3) Let it dry overnight.  I'm not sure if this is needed, but it's what we did.

While we were in Disneyland, we washed the shirts 3 or 4 times and it didn't run, fade or smudge.

Will you have a feature to print our phone numbers on the shirt?

Yes! Our crack team of IT professionals (me and a Dummies book) are currently testing shirt customization tools.

Will you be adding more characters?

 Yes! We are very new but will be adding new characters monthly.  If you have a suggestion for a character or family of characters, please send them to SafeTeeShirts@outlook.com.  If we use your design, we'll give you your next order up to 5 shirts for free!

How many shirts should we order?

You'll be logging a lot of miles in the sun getting around the parks and the kids aren't exactly orderly eaters, so we recommend multiple shirts per person.  The first time we went, we were in Disneyland for 3 days and didn't have access to a washer/dryer in our hotel, so I ordered 3 shirts per person.  The second time we went, we were in multiple parks around southern California but had access to a washer/dryer so I ordered 2 shirts per person and washed the shirts every other day.

Are the shirts just for Disneyland?

No! We've found them useful anytime bringing the kids to an event that might have a large crowd or large area to get lost in, including parades, concerts and camping.